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Symmetries of Discrete Objects

 February 12 - 16 2024

University of Auckland

New Zealand

Invited speakers: 

  • Isabel Hubard (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) slides

  • Simon M. Smith (University of Lincoln, UK) slides

  • François Thilmany (UC Louvain, Belgium)

  • Stephan Tornier (University of Newcastle, Australia) slides notes poster 1 poster 2

  • Binzhou Xia (University of Melbourne) slides

Conference topics include but are not limited to:

  • symmetries of graphs, maps and polytopes,

  • group actions on trees, and

  • expander Cayley graphs

This conference is made possible due to generous support of the University of Auckland by means of a PBRF grant.





Florian Lehner, Jeroen Schillewaert and Gabriel Verret


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